About us

We’re revolutionizing the market research industry – join us!

EyeSee is revolutionizing the market research industry by making implicit insights accessible online. We deliver fast, cost-effective, actionable insights at surprising rates. Our solutions have a HUGE impact on MarComs, Advertising, Online Communication and Shopper Marketing.

We work globally with Marketing Directors, Brand Managers and Researchers of the biggest retailers, FCMG, Banks and Telco players, but also for agencies and big market research firms.

We combine breakthrough high technology and marketing research. Our team brings extensive hands-on industry experience and includes academics and former directors and project leaders from big MR firms.

We are based in the USA, Belgium and Serbia. Our headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium and New York, USA.

Executive management

Olivier Tilleuil
Olivier Tilleuil

Managing Director & Founder

It’s as much as a guarantee that Olivier will be the first to find a solution to a problem. He is a true entrepreneur at heart, dedicated to exploring alternative ways to tackle convention, while remaining at the heart and soul of the business. Not surprisingly, he is an advocate of disruptive technology, and a fan of implicit research techniques. He is a frequent speaker and has been featured in several journals, expressing the virtues of implicit research and neuromarketing.

Joris De Bruyne
Joris De Bruyne

Business Development Director & Partner

As EyeSee’s BDD, Joris is a proactive networker and often asks prospects if he can share some face time. He is well connected and brings experience from many markets. Joris ensures that projects are moving forward and that everybody is loving their jobs. Joris also brings an entrepreneurial streak – before joining EyeSee, he was part of the management team at Venture Spirit, a unique platform that addressed business challenges using an innovative, fun approach.

Uros Berisavljevic
Uroš Berisavljević

Head of Market Research

Uroš “makes our research happen”. As the accelerator in our fire, he brings hands-on exposure to MR, keeping the sales and research teams on track with robust methodologies, while creating efficiencies, leading analytics and contributing the extraction of actionable insight. He has coordinated numerous multinational projects for clients across FMCG, telco and beverages, both with EyeSee and during his former career with a big name provider of global research. Skilled in project management and the delivery of executive-level presentations.
Vesna Kuzmanovic
Vesna Kuzmanović

Client Service Director

Vesna started her career in market research 20 years ago. She led GfK Skopje for 15 years as a founder, co-owner and Managing Director. Her knowledge and experience allows her to take on multiple responsibilities, including business development, H&R and client relationship management. Vesna has a proven management track record and strong client / staff communication skills. Her high level of expertise, self-confidence and leadership skills combine to make her the very best person for Client Service Director. Her involvement on projects adds value for clients because of actionable and business oriented insight.


Always wanted to join a fast growing start-up? Do you like the idea of being part of one of the top ten companies to watch? We are keen to hear from experienced, talented individuals, particularly those with experience in implicit or online research, or those with a corporate client network. Does this sound like you? Send us your CV to jovana.v@eyesee-research.com

Current Vacancies:

Marketing Manager (Belgrade)

Main responsibilities:

  • Create sellable products from an idea/proposal (with the focus on clients).
  • Promote EyeSee products and solutions to clients (create and develop presentations, copy, content, pitches and case studies).
  • Website and social media management – developing up-to-date content (blog posts, news), developing the social media strategy, building a strong follower base and engagement.

Sales Manager (New York and Belgium – three vacancies)

Main responsibilities:

  • Selling EyeSee’s online implicit marketing solutions to businesses throughout the nominated territory.
  • Using interpersonal skills, leadership experience and an ability to influence in face-to-face meetings, telesales and exhibitions to prospect, qualify and win new business opportunities, achieve sales targets and retain/develop existing clients.
  • Bringing an established client network of senior decision makers in a relevant market, and having exposure to technology fuelled solutions or online market research.

Research Manager (Belgrade)

Main responsibilities:

  • End2End involvement with projects, from meeting clients to delivering strategic insight.
  • Working on a multitude of ad hoc and continuous projects with different clients simultaneously.
  • Working with juniors on a project basis and delivering insight reports from a range of data sources that can be readily used by clients to effect strategy of their businesses.

Research Assistant (Belgrade)

Main responsibilities:

  • Quantitative data analysis.
  • Project Management – coordinating research studies globally.
  • Creating surveys, interpreting data and making insightful presentations and recommendations (assessed by senior colleagues).

Consultant (Belgrade)

Main responsibilities:

  • Delivering research and consultancy outputs to a very high standard in order to build upon and develop our corporate reputation for high quality work.
  • Providing knowledge directly to clients or into research and consultancy projects.

Data Analyst (Belgrade – two vacancies)

Main responsibilities:

  • Producing high quality data analysis for the team of market research professionals.
  • Creating cross tabs and other summary statistics, programming of survey tables, verification and cleaning data, producing accurate client reports and ensuring the quality of the data produced.

Sales Assistant (Belgrade)

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing client database, generating presentations and drafting proposals.
  • Reporting directly to the Marketing, Sales and Research managers and handling all the administrative and sales support functions.

Account Manager (Belgrade)

Main responsibilities:

  • Communication with clients and identification of their needs and expectations, holding regular review & account planning, designing market research studies in cooperation with clients and the EyeSee team, making insightful market research reports.
  • Presentation of research results and making executable recommendations.
  • Taking the role of business development manager and introducing prospective clients to the EyeSee know-how and expertise in order to turn them into loyals.