About us

We’re revolutionizing the market research industry – join us!

EyeSee is revolutionizing the market research industry by making implicit insights accessible online. We deliver fast, cost-effective, actionable insights at surprising rates. Our solutions have a HUGE impact on MarComs, Advertising, Online Communication and Shopper Marketing.

We work globally with Marketing Directors, Brand Managers and Researchers of the biggest retailers, FCMG, Banks and Telco players, but also for agencies and big market research firms.

We combine breakthrough high technology and marketing research. Our team brings extensive hands-on industry experience and includes academics and former directors and project leaders from big MR firms.

We are based in the USA, Belgium and Serbia. Our headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium and New York, USA.

Executive management

Olivier Tilleuil
Olivier Tilleuil

Managing Director & Founder

Joris De Bruyne
Joris De Bruyne

Business Development Director & Partner

Uros Berisavljevic EyeSee Research
Uroš Berisavljević

Head of Market Research

Vesna Kuzmanovic
Vesna Kuzmanović

Client Service Director


Current Vacancies

Sales Manager (New York and Belgium – three vacancies)

Research Manager (Belgrade)

Research Assistant (Belgrade)

Consultant (Belgrade)

Junior Data Analyst (Belgrade – two vacancies)

Sales Assistant (Belgrade)

Account Manager (Belgrade)