Fast, cost effective and global neuromarketing insights to maximize impact of shopper, advertising and digital

Delivering in-depth insights by tapping into both sides of the brain

Market Research

Most research methods tap into the conscious part of the brain with surveys,
in-depth interviews…

Purchase Decisions

…while most (purchase) decisions are made subconsciously, often without knowing why


EyeSee combines both sub- (eye tracking, facial coding,…) and conscious measurements.

How we do it

Scalable and cost effective online neuromarketing methodologies and survey



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Why EyeSee?

The most advanced platform: Unique combi of implicit methods

Our platform combines multiple behavioral methods (visibility, emotion, …) and has the
most in-depth features (zoom, free browsing,…)

Fast, cost effective and global

We deliver neuro insights globally 3 times faster against a cost price that is 3 times lower than central location studies.

From data to actionable insights

Our multidisciplinary research team has years of experience with translating behavioral data in actionable recommendations.

How it works: online

EyeSee has developed an online platform that is able to follow people’s eyes and facial expressions through a regular webcam at home.
1. Our researchers create the study typically in 1 day
2. Respondents execute the test at home with their own device
3. You receive a report with data, findings, recommendations,…


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