Online remote UX platform

UX platform: combining behavior and traditional metrics

Are visitors able to execute the key actions on your website? We developed the remote digital testing platform that is able to track task completion, navigation, eyes (eye tracking), emotions (facial coding) and record the voice.

The platform combines the advantage of in lab and online questionnaires:

  • In depth insights as in labs – eye tracking, facial coding and think aloud
  • Quantitative – most studies have a sample size of 100 users or more
  • Fast, cost effective and global

Online remote UX platform

A recent test carried out on leading eCommerce websites showed that 40% of users were not able to buy a ‘simple’ product such as washing powder. Our remote digital testing platform tracks:

  • Completion rate: How many users complete the action?
  • Navigation: How do they navigate and where are they lost?
  • Attention: Do they look at the key elements? (Eye Tracking)
  • Emotions: What do they feel? Are they frustrated? (Facial Coding)
  • Think aloud: What are they thinking while executing the exercise?
  • Overall likeability, complexity and much more… (Questionnaire)

How it works:
Remote UX studies with standard webcam and computer at home


Step 1: Online recruitment

Respondents are recruited via panel companies (GMI, SSI,…) and fill out a screening survey to make sure they match your target. Next they download a small skype like application (20mb) which is installed in 3 clicks.


Step 2: Set up and Calibration

The application automatically opens and respondents receive (live) feedback on how to set up the environment (head position, light conditions,…). Next, the system is calibrated by looking at 9 red dots. After the calibration we test accuracy by showing additional blue dots.


Step 3: Execution of tasks

Respondents receive a list of key tasks to complete via their own computer. While they are executing the tasks, we are tracking their eyes and facial expressions via their webcam. Mouse movements and navigation are also registered. Afterwards, they fill out a survey.

The unique features of our platform

Free or restricted dynamic browsing
Users are able to browse freely dynamic websites – even for quant eye tracking – or we can restrict browsing.
Mock ups
We can test mocks up via static images and even program them as clickable wireframes.
We can apply following methods on mobile – completion rate, navigation, think aloud, facial coding… but not eye tracking.
Neuro insights
We have the only remote UX platform that is able to offer online eye tracking (and facial coding).
90% of the UX/digital studies use more than 100 users. You do not want to rely on qual sample sized for major changes.
Full reporting
We can deliver data with a dashboard as well as full report with main findings, conclusions,…

Completion rate, navigation, eye tracking, facial coding,…

Completion rate

Completion rate indicates the number of users who successfully finished the action and the average time needed for completing the task.



Provides insights into browsing patterns and click areas. Thanks to this we discover bottlenecks and spots in which users are lost. We know whether users mostly find products/info by browsing or search for them.


Online eye tracking

Tracking respondents eyes while browsing websites from their homes. Heatmaps indicate areas that attracted visitors’ attention as well as visibility of key elements (such as promotions) and areas that stayed unnoticed.


Online facial coding

Detecting users’ emotional engagement while completing tasks. Detecting positive emotions as well as elements that arouse confusion or frustration.


Think aloud

Recording users’ voice while performing actions on website and getting the ’live’ insight in their thinking. Qualitative analysis provides reasons for brake points detected in navigation.


Full reporting

We can do full reporting with main findings, in-depth analysis and recommendations for improvement of users experience and impact of your website. Our team consists of market researchers from big companies who are experienced in conducting dozen of eye tracking studies.


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