Online interactive shelf platform

Online interactive shelf platform

Predicting shoppers’ behavior is hard. Purchase decisions are made in a split second, often unconsciously. Via virtual shopping trips we are able to replicate shoppers’ behavior at low costs and provide insights about:

  • Planograms: how does a change in planogram impact sales?
  • New product introduction: which category will yield most sales?
  • New package/display: will the new design stand out?

Interactive shelves: the best of virtual stores and surveys

Shoppers are recruited online to conduct a virtual shopping trip at home with their own computer. They are exposed to shelves and asked to indicate which products they want to buy. The platform combines the benefits of:

  • Virtual store simulators: Real life experience
  • Online surveys: Fast, cost effective and globally scalable

How it works:
Virtual shopping trips with standard computer at home


Step 1: Online recruitment of shoppers

Shoppers are recruited via online panel suppliers (GMI, SSI,…). After they fill out a screener survey they start the virtual shopping trip using their own computer.


Step 2: Exposure to shelves

Shoppers are exposed to multiple pictures of shelves and instructed to click on products they would like to buy. One category can have several images or we can make pictures scrollable.


Step 3: Buying products

After clicking on a product on the shelf, it is zoomed in and shoppers can indicate the quantity they want to buy. We can display front and back side of a product or a product with features and price. Afterwards shoppers fill out a survey.

The unique features of our platform

No download, no flash, high IR
There is no need for installation of a program or flash (no impact on IR).
Up to 500 shoppers per cell
As there is no loss in IR, panel costs are low and up to 500 shoppers per cell can be recruited.
Very realistic and global
We use high resolution pictures, and develop interactive shelves very fast.
Launched in less than 1 week
The test will be created by our researchers and it is typically launched within 3 days.
We can create the stimuli
We have a network of photoshoppers and designers who can create the stimuli.
SPSS or full report
We can deliver a full report (including volumetric) or just a SPSS/excel file.

Category growth, market shares, decision trees

Estimation of category growth

Using a base scenario we are able to estimate the category for the different planograms and understand which brands are responsible for particular growth/decline.


Estimation of market shares

Market shares for all the brands can be calculated. By comparing the base scenario to the other scenarios we are able to determine “winners” and “losers” of each scenario.


Estimation of product sales

For each product we can understand the net increase and decrease per scenario.


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