Online facial coding

Facial coding: emotion analytics

Emotions are key in communication as our decision making process mostly does not include rational reasoning. Which emotions does your communication evoke? Facial coding measures emotions through facial expressions and helps to answer:

  • TV Commercial: Will it arouse emotions? Which emotions?
  • New concepts: Which messages evoke emotions?
  • Websites: Are visitors frustrated, confused or surprised?

Online facial coding: no bias, cost effective and global

Facial coding is an objective method for measuring emotions. There are two reasons for that:
(1) facial expressions are spontaneous
(2) muscles responsible for facial coding are directly linked to the brain

The main advantages of facial coding are:

  • It is not based on stated behavior (read: no biases)
  • Cost effective, fast and scalable (N>50; fMRI or EEG)
  • Facial expressions are universal

How it works:
Facial coding with standard webcam and computer at home


Step 1: Online recruitment

Respondents are recruited via panel partners (GMI, SSI,…) and fill out a screening survey to make sure they match your target. Next they download a small skype like application (20mb) which is installed in 3 clicks.


Step 2: Exposure to stimuli

Once everything is set up, respondents are exposed to stimuli and their facial expressions are recorded via their own standard computer and webcam at home. The algorithm processes the webcam images and is able to automatically detect 7 emotions.


Step 3: Verification by experts

The output of algorithm can be double checked by experts and data is adjusted, if necessary. Interpretation of the results is done by our research team. Thanks to the combination of algos and experts, we deliver fast, cost effective and global insights about emotions.

The unique features of our platform

Detection of 7 emotions
We detect 7 emotions: Happiness, Surprise, Confusion, Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Neutral.
Second-by-second analysis
For every webcam frame (15 fps) obtained the algorithm determines the emotion.
Videos, websites and new concept
We apply facial coding to video, website (frustration and surprise) and new concept testing.
Verified by our professional coders
The output of the algorithm is double checked by humans, to make it more accurate and provide better interpretation.
Combination with eye tracking
We are the only company in the world that is able to combine eye tracking and facial coding in 1 study.
Full reporting or data delivery
Our researchers are experienced in interpreting facial coding data and can deliver a full report or raw data.

Emotions over time, Valence, Full Reporting

Emotions over time:

The algorithm measures 7 facial expressions over time: Happiness, Surprise, Confusion, Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Neutral. The 7 emotions can be calculated for every second or scene by scene.



Positive and negative facial expression are combined in a valence score to understand the intrinsic attractiveness (positive valence) or averseness’ (negative valence).


Full reporting

We deliver as well a full report with main findings, in-depth analysis and recommendations. The report can be created on your or on our temples. Our team consists of market researchers from big companies who are experienced in conducting dozen of eye tracking studies.


Frequently tested applications with Online facial coding