Online Eye tracking

Online Eye tracking

Consumers are overwhelmed with visual messages. On average, they pay attention less than 2 seconds looking at ads (if they look!) or scan products in a split second.

How can you be sure that your target audience will see your key message or notice your product on the shelf?

Eye tracking is a unique research method that tracks people’s eyes to know where they are (not!) looking at and answers key questions such as:

  • Will people notice your product/campaign/…?
  • Will they notice the key areas that drive purchase intent?

Online eye tracking: fast, cost effective and global insights

In comparison with conventional eye tracking – that requires specialized technology and inviting respondents to labs – we are able to track people’s eyes with their own computers and webcams at home. Thanks to our unique approach we deliver fast, cost-effective and global eye tracking insights.

How it works:
Eye tracking with standard webcam and computer at home


Step 1: Online recruitment

Respondents are recruited via panel partners (GMI, SSI,…) and fill out a screening survey to make sure they match your target. Next they download a small skype like application (20mb) which is installed in 3 clicks.


Step 2: Set up and Calibration

The application automatically opens and respondents receive (live) feedback on how to set up the environment (head position, light conditions,…). Next, the system is calibrated by looking at 9 red dots. After the calibration we test accuracy by showing additional blue dots.


Step 3: Execute the tasks

Once everything is set up, respondents execute several tasks while their eyes are tracked via the webcam. During the session we monitor head movements. After completing the tasks respondents fill out a survey or can be redirected to your platform.

The unique features of our platform

Static and scrollable images with redirects
Static images can be shown on full screen or be scrollable in X and Y direction. We can program clickable wireframes as well.
Dynamic websites
We can test dynamic websites, including programming overlays, and activating and deactivating certain links.
We test videos by tracking eye gaze. The output includes heat maps as well as moving areas of interest.
Combination with facial coding
We are the only company in the world that is able to combine online eye tracking and facial coding in 1 study.
2° of accuracy and high rate of valid data
We are able to use the half of obtained data with an accuracy of 2 degrees.
Heatmaps and AoI for any interval
We are able to generate heatmaps and areas of interest for any interval.

Heatmaps, Areas of Interest, Full Reporting


Heatmap is visual representation of aggregated attention. Red color indicates higher attention, while green means lower attention. Heatmap gives the first indication, but it needs to be further analyzed as it depends on 2 variables: 1) how many people noticed the areas, 2) how long did they look at the areas?


Area of interest

Areas of interest give the KPIs per area :

  • Seen %: How many people noticed the area?
  • Average time: How long did people look at the area?
  • % seen 1st: How fast did they notice the area?

Full reporting

We deliver as well a full report with main findings, in-depth analysis and recommendations. The report can be created on your or on our temples. Our team consists of market researchers from big companies who are experienced in conducting dozen of eye tracking studies.


Frequently tested applications with Online Eye tracking