Register for Twitter & EyeSee Webinar: How to Reach the Distracted Audience in a Digital World


  Boost your social media game in 2018 with the latest behavioral insights! Join Twitter and EyeSee’s Webinar, and you will get a chance to learn: • Best practices for social media advertising (how to create ads that work); • How to pretest social media ads: methods and framework; • How the “distracted generation” behaves[…]


Decoding the Product Page: Why the Walmart Product Page Drives 14% Higher Sales Than Its Competition


With online shopping booming, significant growth opportunities are opening up for retailers and brands. While discussing user experience, it was determined that one of the factors that can significantly influence online sales are product pages. Ergo, our team unveiled the key elements that drive conversion on these pages. Our large-scale eye tracking study showed that,[…]