EyeSee is nominated for the prestigious Rising Star Award given by Deloitte

We are proud to announce that EyeSee was nominated for the prestigious Rising Star prize given by Deloitte. A panel of independent experts from the technology sector analyzed each entry and evaluated it based on scalability, experience, management team expertise and highly promising growth. The chosen 10 nominees represent the top 10 promising startups in Belgium.

There are two awards in the Rising Star category: Most Disruptive Innovator and Rising Star. On November 16th the laureates competed in Brussels by preparing the pitch about their business.


Joining the world class

Rising Star nominees have the biggest potential to develop into most successful companies on the market that stand out from their competitors. Showpad and NGData are just a couple of startups that have been honored with this nomination.

“Rising Stars know how to convert threats into opportunities and turn them to their advantage. That requires innovative strength, strategic insights and pure entrepreneurship.” Nikolaas Tahon, managing partner Deloitte Accountancy.

About EyeSee

EyeSee is disrupting the market research market with accessible neuro and behavioral insights. First, EyeSee developed online eye tracking platform that is able to track people’s eye with only using their webcam at home. Afterwards, came the online facial coding platform that measures emotions through facial expressions, the remote UX platform and the interactive shelf platform to estimate market share, category growth, etc. Thanks to these capabilities EyeSee has developed state of the art testing protocols for shopper marketing, advertising, digital and innovation.

In 2014 EyeSee was honored with the Brave award which salutes bravery in challenging market research with disruptive methods given by Belgian Association for Quali and Quanti Research. In 2015 EyeSee won first prize at Global Innovator Mobile competition organized by Idea Scale in New York. EyeSee was listed among top 10 most promising Flemish tech companies and was also a laureate at the Insight Innovation Competition organized by GreenBook and many more.

Interested to know more?

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