EyeSee Founder Wins ‘BRAVE’ Award



Challenging Market Research With Disruptive Methods

2014 BAQMaR Conference was organized by the Belgian Association for Quali and Quanti Research, striving to place market research in the spotlight of marketing communication.

The Conference acknowledges the change of research industry and is pushing research towards innovative methods of collecting and analyzing data. By introducing the BRAVE award, BAQMaR recognizes entrepreneurship and venture within the research industry.

EyeSee founder Olivier Tilleuil was elected by the BAQMaR’s international jury as the winner of the first “BRAVE” Award in the history of this association, for disrupting old methods of Research.




The award salutes bravery in market research and EyeSee is making this industry change rapidly! Eye tracking via EyeSee platform is now much faster and cost efficient in comparison with traditional eye tracking methods. It takes courage to challenge “tradition”, but also to take big steps and go global.

The next big thing is just around the corner, and EyeSee will make it happen for sure!