Global online studies via webcam and computer

EyeSee combines a revolutionary platform that tracks respondents’ eyes and facial expressions via webcam at their home, with an experienced researcher, resulting in a unique End2End service:

  • Quick turnaround of (global) studies
  • Cost effective
  • Actionable insights
  • In a natural enviroment


Step 1: Research Design

You will be assigned a project leader who will take care of the full process. The project leader will explain possibilities, define a research design and propose a questionnaire. Afterwards, their team will create the test, based on agreed specs and questionnaire, and coordinate the recruitment with panel companies. You will need to deliver:

  • Stimuli
  • Sample specifications
  • (research brief)

Step 2: Data collection

We send the test to respondents at home. While they look at stimuli, or complete tasks, we track their eyes and facial expressions with their computer and web cams. At the end they fill out a brief survey.

Respondents can be sourced via:

  • Our panel partners: GMI, SSI, Research Now, Toluna…
  • Online recruitment: Facebook, Twitter…
  • An existing database or community

Step 3: Reporting Phase

We collect results, make an in-depth analysis and create a single report. Reports are intuitive and actionable. For each analysis there is a description and conclusion. The report is followed by a thorough presentation. The full report includes:

  • Main findings and recommendations
  • Heatmaps and Areas of Interest
  • Evolution of emotions over time
  • Survey charts
  • Detailed descriptions