The synergy between engineering and market research is one of the EyeSee’s key strengths. Combining these two capabilities, we are building the most advanced platforms which make market research 3 times faster at cost that is 3 times lower than conventional research. We are proud to say that we have developed:

  • The only platform that is able to combine online (webcam) eye tracking and facial coding
  • The most advanced remote UX platform that combines behavior & traditional usability metrics
  • The scalable interactive shelf platform

Online Eye tracking

Will customers notice your key messages? Eye tracking is a unique research method that tracks people’s eyes to know where they are (not!) looking at. Our unique platform is able to track people’s eyes with their own computer and webcam at home (providing fast, cost effective and global insights).


Online facial coding

Emotions are key in communication. Which emotions does your communication or concept evoke? Facial coding measures emotions through facial expressions (obtained via webcam). Facial expressions are spontaneous and hard to suppress because the muscles responsible for the expressions are directly wired to the brain.


Online interactive shelf platform

Will the new planogram/pack design/display increase sales? In which category should you launch your new product? Our new interactive shelf platform proves the impact of shopper marketing through virtual shopping games. Shoppers are passing by shelves, they can inspect products in-depth and add them to their shopping carts.


Online remote UX platform

How do users complete the key actions on your website? EyeSee is able to measure: how many users complete the key tasks, where are they lost, where do they look at (remote eye tracking), what do they feel (facial coding), what they think (think aloud) and how do they evaluate the website (questionnaire).


Online survey platform

We have created custom question types (conjoint, flashing products,…) and programmed complex questionnaires for some of the biggest market research companies in the world. If you need support in scripting surveys, don’t hesitate to contact us.