EyeSee Launches the Most Advanced Remote Quant Digital Testing Platform


You would be surprised about how users experience an ‘easy’ online purchase. Recent tests we have carried out on some of the leading e-commerce websites showed that 40% of users were not able to buy an everyday product such as washing powder. On product websites about 60% of users were not able to complete the same exercise. In both cases, the new design outperformed the old one by more than 30%! The calculation is clear – there is still a huge potential to improve user experience and unleash online sales!

EyeSee has just released an innovative online platform to measure: how many users complete the key tasks on your website, where do you lose them, where they look at (remote eye tracking), and what they feel (facial coding).

In short, EyeSee has developed the most advanced remote quant digital testing platform.

EyeSee: Remote Quant UX Testing Platform

How do users complete the key tasks on your website? Respondents are recruited and they execute predefined tasks on your website from home. In the meanwhile, we track their eyes and facial expressions via their webcam, tape their screen and record their mouse behavior. Thanks to this unique platform, we can deliver fast, cost effective and quant insights on a global scale about:

  • Completion rate: How many users complete the action on your website? How fast?
  • Navigation: How do they navigate and where do you lose them?
  • Attention pattern: Do they look at the key elements? (Eye Tracking)
  • Emotions: What do they feel? When do they get frustrated? (Facial Coding)
  • Overall likeability, complexity and much more… (Questionnaire)

Your advantage: Large sample, cost effective and global reach

Thanks to conducting the tests at users’ home in a natural setting with their standard computer and webcam, we are able to provide you with:

  • Statistical difference via a large sample size – Most of our studies are done on 100-150 respondents per cell.
  • Cost effective – Our price is 2-5 times lower than conventional studies. Our recruitment costs are 2-3 times lower and our advanced analyzing tools save time in reporting.
  • Global reach – Thanks to our panel company partners, we are able to conduct studies in more than 100 countries.
  • Neuro insights – we track users’ attention (eye tracking) and emotions (facial coding) via their webcam and algo’s. Clicks and navigation are also tracked and users fill out a survey.

How it Works: Remotely at Home with Laptop or Web Cam

The process consists of 3 phases (Don’t worry, we do all of the work): 1) test definition and creation, 2) user tests and 3) analysis and reporting.

Phase I: Test creation – You define the key objectives and panel, and we propose the appropriate test structure. Once we have an agreement, we create the test and launch it. Next, we contact a panel providers and they send out a mass mailing to their database.

Phase II: User tests –Respondents receive a mail with a link to our platform:

  1. Respondents complete a ‘screener’ to ensure they match the target;
  2. The study is downloaded – it opens a Skype-like application;
  3. We share detailed instructions on how to set up the environment (lighting) and before the calibration, the respondents receive live feedback about set up;
  4. Respondents follow a ball on screen to calibrate eye movements;
  5. The calibration – if it fails we either re-calibrate or abandon;
  6. Respondents receive the tasks (e.g. buy product X, search for Y) and execute it on the website;
  7. We ask a number of multiple choice questions and data is uploaded.

While respondents execute a set of tasks, we track their eyes (eye tracking) and facial expressions (facial coding) via their standard laptop and webcam. At the same time, we register navigation paths and mouse movements.

The ‘live’ moderator is replaced with specially developed algorithms, which keep the whole testing process under control.

Phase III: analyzing and reporting – Based on the results, our team do the analysis and create the report with executable recommendations. You get a clear view on current website experience and suggestions for improvements leading to increase in conversion.

The full process from test definition till reporting is typically done within 7-14 days!

Features: Free and Controlled

Our platform have several unique features, a non-exhaustive overview:

  • The test can be done on live/dynamic websites or on mock ups;
  • We are able to deactivate all links, activate only few, or change links;
  • We are able to have an overlay on the website and replacing adverts;
  • Clicks and navigation can be tracked;
  • Eye tracking and facial coding via standard webcam;
  • We can record the screen;
  • There can be a time out, exit when exercise is completed or exit at all times.

Results of Research

To summarize, our usability testing gives insight in:

  • Completion rate: You will know how difficult it really is for respondents to complete the task – to find a link, page or to buy a product and how much time they need.
  • Navigation: Helps you to understand how easy it is for respondents to find their way through the website and if it is user-friendly.
  • Eye tracking and optimizing product visibility: Learn where your clients look at and for how long, where do they expect to find products and what elements they see first.
  • Emotions: Mapping emotions refers to registration of respondents’ feelings when they stumble upon difficulties in browsing session and their perception in terms of emotions.
  • Purchase intent: Learn which products have the highest probability to be bought.
  • Questionnaire: Users evaluate the website experience they had (complexity, likeability, preferences, etc.).

Keep in mind, studies have shown that “every dollar invested in UX will bring $2 to $100 in return”. Make a change and be sure that the visit to your website represents a positive experience. Delighted customers will spread a good voice and be the best promoters of your business. The more satisfied users you have, the higher ROI you make.

Feel free to contact us via our social media channels, or simply email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you improve your marketing communication.